A Few 13-31 Mile 2007 Tossing Pics.

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A Few 13-31 Mile 2007 Tossing Pics

35 Mile 2007 Tippler Tossing Pics

51 Mile 2007 Tippler Tossing Pics


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These Tosses Ranged About From 13-31 Miles

"All Bird's Are Tipplers"

"All Bird's Born 2007"

Downtown Brooklyn 7-14-07

Johnny G. of Jagloft Waiting For My Signal

The 2007 Team

The 2007 Team

The 2007 Team

The 2007 Team

The Brooklyn, New York Location

"Let The Horses Out"

"Let The Horses Out"

" I love to watch e'm charge out"

"Lets Go Home"

"86 Out of 86 Birds Returned" Guess I Was Lucky!

8-19-07 Surf Ave.In Coney Island "By the time I got to Coney Island I was down to 78 Birds"

"Sure wish Nathans was Open" I Like The Fries!

" I Alway's Did LikeThe Boardwalk"

"While People Prepared For The 2007 Volleyball Tournament"

" I had my own Tournament in Mind"

" And they're Off" Red Grizzle By A Nose"

"1st One Home, Get's The Peanuts!

"2nd One Home, Get's The Candie Treat!

"Last One Home, Sleeps In The Stray Cage!

"I Thought I Felt A Drop Of Something"!

"Oh No It's Starting To Rain"

It was a decent toss, I got back 71 out of the 78, and I removed 13 White Barred Tipplers off the team until 2008

Exit 28n On the Southern State Parkway 9-13-07 When I jumped from Exit 13n To 28n I lost 4 Birds

This was a 54 bird Toss

A Close Up

Another close up

Getting Their Bearings Together

" Look's Like They Got It" All 54 Birds Returned